About Bama Skiffle

Skiffle: “a music genre with jazz, blues, folk, and American folk influences, usually using a combination of manufactured and homemade or improvised instruments.”

Our band was born out of a need for some light-hearted music at First United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama during the annual United Methodist Women’s annual bazaar. Adrian, Lee, and Lloyd dressed up as hillbillies and got to singin’ and playin’ – to entertain the children, of course. They had a ball, so they recruited Amanda and Charles. We discovered that we not only sound good, but we also really enjoy hanging out together. Our sound is tighter now, and we are ready to play on.

The Members

Adrian Lee Borden is our youngest member. She's our leader, organizer, booking agent, arranger, and creative director. She plays the ukulele, washboard, fish, and banjolele.
Charles Walters plays the guitar and mandolin.  When he's feeling particularly charitable, he shares with us the company and musical stylings of his 3-year old daughter Hazel. Baby sister Piper's not quite ready yet, but give her time.
Amanda Borden plays the mountain dulcimer, mandolin, spoons, and cajon. She's proud to be playing in a band with her daughter and husband. Now if she just lived a little closer to her two grandsons (in California), her life would be complete.
Lloyd Strickland is our bass player.  He and his daughter Lucy share a bluetick pup attached to an ever-changing tableau of dog names. He has a really cool pad and lets us practice there.
Lee Borden has the toughest time deciding what to play. From time to time, he has tried out the autoharp, hammered dulcimer, fish, harmonicas, steel pan, bucket drum, cowbell, and claves (homemade, of course). The rest of us said no to the bagpipes.